Tilt Deck Trailer


Our versatile and sturdy tilt deck trailers make loading and unloading of equipment effortless. Tilt Deck Trailers are a great choice for transporting large, heavy items. With no need for a ramp or lift gate, these trailers offer greater efficiency and convenience. Their low-profile design also helps to reduce drag, making them ideal for long-distance hauling. Whether you’re looking for a trailer to move construction equipment, haul supplies, or transport livestock, our tilt deck trailers provide the perfect solution.



  • Two 1’800 kg Rubbaride braked axles
  • Braked 2’700kg coupler for 50mm ball
  • Double Action Hydraulic Tilt Pump system installed with Auto-Tilt-Back relieve valve system
  • Hand winch for lifting heavy equipment and safe loading
  • Heavy-duty, non-slip VitaGrid Swivel Drop Ramp for Loading/Unloading
  • 10x counter sunk heavy duty spring-loaded tie down D-rings
  • Removable sides to convert from Boxed Trailer to Flat Bed Trailer



  • Dimensions: 2 m wide x 3.5 m long x 1 m boxed sides
  • Deck height from ground up: 750mm
  • Load capacity: 1’700 kg
  • Tilt Angle: 20 degrees