Bale Trailer


Our Bale Trailers can load 18 (1.2 meter diameter) silage or straw bales with ease.

Solid metal plate decking allows transportation of a variety of loads besides bale feed such as loose material.



  • Frame added to front and rear of the wagon to prevent material from rolling forward or backwards
  • Standard 385/65/22.5 Super Single Multi-Purpose Tyre which are readily available as spares
  • Wheels and suspension give adequate clearance over rough terrain.
  • A swivel tow eye along with the steerable drawbar also gives freedom to tow over rough terrain.
  • Strapping lugs are welded onto the chassis to allow for tying down of load if required.



  • TARE weight – 2500kg
  • GVM – 16000kg
  • Length with drawbar – 9.8m
  • Load length – 7m
  • Width – 2.5m
  • Load area – 17.5m2
  • Ground clearance – 480mm
  • Load height 1.29m